More Displacement in North Africa

With other crises creeping above the fold, the conflict in Libya has faded somewhat from the news.  The misery for those displaced by the war, however, has only grown.

The International Organization on Migration (IOM) recently noted that more than 630,000 refugees have fled Libya into neighboring countries.  What makes this displacement somewhat different from those of similar scale (e.g. Iraq, Somalia), is that the large number of refugees fleeing Libya are not Libyans, but migrant workers.  Most are from Sub-Saharan Africa.

Where have people fled?  Primarily into Tunisia and Egypt.  However, an increasing number of refugees have fled by boat to Italy and Malta.  And what are the nationalities of those fleeing?  Nigeria, Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia, Egypt, Bangladesh, and even the Philippines.

To learn more about this crisis, visit the website of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.  You can also learn the latest by reading IOM’s most recent External Situation Report.

Photo and image credit: IOM

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