Populations of Concern

The Institute serves at-risk and vulnerable populations.  These include resettled refugees, asylees, unaccompanied alien children, victims of human trafficking, and other foreign-born and American-born individuals living in poverty.  One of our partners is the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Population, Refugees and Migration (PRM), who, as part of their mission, also addresses challenges faced by several of these groups.

PRM, in conjunction with the Humanitarian Information Unit (HIU), recently released a cartographic resource that features several populations of concern.  This resource, along with other HIU and UNHCR products, assists the Institute and its partners and supporters in several ways.  First, resources of this kind highlight several related but categorically distinct situations on one product, which are quick and easy to digest.  Second, this document provides a graduated assessment of need – in this case based on the number of vulnerable individuals affected.  Finally, this product impactfully conveys the urgency of such circumstances to policy makers, donors, and advocates.  In other words, products like these can become change agents which ultimately improve conditions for people living in vulnerable situations worldwide.

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