Common Earth Farms featured on WMUR’s “Cooks Corner”

Jeremiah Vernon, Agriculture Director for the Institute’s Common Earth Farms program, played celebrity chef on WMUR’s Cooks Corner segment earlier this month.  A long-standing feature of WMUR’s noon news show, Cooks Corner highlights all different kinds of New Hampshire cuisine. Local chefs, farmers and others prepare a signature dish or share a recipe during the live segment. As a new vendor of the Manchester Farmers Market, Common Earth Farms had the opportunity to prepare a traditional Nepali dish known as “Dal Bhat”, which is a lentil and rice with  vegetable curry.  Check out the recipe for yourself! All of the vegetables used in the curry came from the Common Earth Farm in Bedford, NH. The other ingredients and spices used in the dish are available at markets in Manchester, including The Spice Center, which specializes in Indian and Middle Eastern foods.   Congratulations to Jeremiah on a job well done, and to the Common Earth farmers for creating such an appetizing display of vegetables for live TV.

And now everyone can enjoy the fresh produce grown at Common Earth Farms in Bedford, NH. Check out the beautiful (and tasty!) vegetables available four times a week in Manchester:

The International Institute ofNew Hampshire
315 Pine Street
2:30 – 6:30
June – October
Lafayette Park(next to CMC)
2:30 – 6:30
June –October
Downtown Manchester Farmers Market
3 – 6:30
July – October
Central ParkFarmers Market
JFK Coliseum Parking Lot
10 – 2
August – October
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