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School Impact Hosts Halloween Party for Students in Manchester

School Impact Halloween Party

School Impact Halloween PartyOn Wednesday October 31, 2012, School Impact, the after-school program at the International Institute in Manchester, N.H. hosted its second annual Trick-or-Treat awareness event in connection with the city’’s Halloween celebration. There were over 30 students of all ages in attendance. Our college student volunteers did an outstanding job with face-painting and costuming props for […]

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UNHCR Unveils Worldwide Community of Resettled Refugees Project

© Johanan Ottensooser

© Johanan OttensooserIn celebration of its 60th anniversary, UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) has recently unveiled its new project: the Worldwide Community of Resettled Refugees. The project creates an online community for resettled refugees to connect with each other and share their stories and triumphs. It is completely voluntary and limited to refugees who have […]

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Malnutrition in Yemen Requires Immediate Action


YemenThough security issues are a top priority today in Yemen, another issue stands as a severe threat to the wellbeing of the Yemeni people. UN estimates claim that 267,000 children are experiencing life threatening levels of malnutrition, while aid agencies maintain that nearly half of the country’s population of 25 million does not have enough […]

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“Giving is Winning” Campaign at the Olympics

Pic - Clothes Donations

Pic - Clothes DonationsIn a team effort worthy of a gold medal the International Olympic Committee (IOC), United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the London 2012 Organizing Committee (LOCOG) are teaming up to bring donations of unused clothing and sports outfits to refugees around the world. The UNHCR recently issued a press release describing the “Giving […]

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2012 Trafficking in Persons Report

2012 Trafficking in Persons Report

2012 Trafficking in Persons ReportIn late June, the US Department of State released its 2012 Trafficking in Persons Report, detailing the anti-human trafficking commitments of 186 countries. Trafficking in persons takes on many forms, including involuntary servitude, debt bondage, child labor, and sex trafficking. Estimates of the number of people in bondage worldwide range from 21 (International Labour Organization) […]

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Growing Refugee Crisis in South Sudan

UNHCR calls for international response to address South Sudanese refugee crisis

UNHCR calls for international response to address South Sudanese refugee crisisWe have dedicated considerable space in this blog environment to Sudan and South Sudan. In January of last year, hopes were high for a durable solution to the conflicts that have plagued the country for decades after a peaceful South Sudanese referendum that called for the latter’s independence. Sadly, a peaceful separation has proven difficult, […]

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Empowering Lower-Income Communities

Federal Reserve: Immigrants and the Economy

Federal Reserve: Immigrants and the EconomyWe would like to direct our followers to this publication recently released by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston. In her Letter from the Editor that prefaces the publication, Caroline Ellis, underscores the Fed’s commitment to providing lower-income communities and those organizations that serve them with “new research and details on best practices” that will improve […]

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Road to Citizenship Workshop

Manchester's Pathways to Citizenship workshop

Manchester's Pathways to Citizenship workshopWe are so happy to report that nearly 100 people attended last Saturday’s citizenship workshop held at the offices of New Hampshire Catholic Charities. The standing-room-only crowd heard from a panel of immigration legal experts, social service providers, immigration officials, and naturalized citizens about the benefits of, joys of, and necessary steps to naturalization. The Union […]

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