New England

Childcare Microenterprise GraduationNew England

The International Institute assists individuals in the Greater Boston region, Lowell, Massachusetts, and greater Manchester, New Hampshire.


Greater Boston remains the geographic anchor of our work. The city’s ethnic neighborhoods constantly grow, ebb, and shift with rhythms of migration. Each group leaves its imprint for the next to shape and mold. Our current work finds us in Dorchester, East Boston, Roxbury, Chelsea, Everett, Lynn, and numerous other communities.


Lowell embodies cultural change. Formerly an Irish immigrant industrial center, the city has incorporated Vietnamese, Cambodian, Iraqi, and Burmese refugees during the past 30 years. Lowell is one of the most diverse small cities on the eastern seaboard.


Manchester, New Hampshire has some of the lowest unemployment in the nation – rates of refugee and immigrant self-sufficiency are high. Many immigrants travel from other regions of the U.S. for its relative safety and rural way of life.

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